Map of Liene

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    Map of Liene

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    Capital City: Telos

    The main continent in Liene is referred to as the Jewel of Liene or simply “the jewel” in everyday conversation. The Capital City of Telos is home to the Royal family, the High Council of Twelve, Mage Guild,  The Order of the Shield (Army -named in homage to Thendrin) and the major industrial and economical sectors.

    Map of the Kingdom
    (Center: Jewel of Liene, N: Tirell, E: Harlone, S: Gundala, W: Atles.)

    The adjacent four kingdoms of located on four continents surrounding the Jewel.These four continents are known as Harlone, Gundala, Atles and Tirell.

    Capital City: Maressea

    Harlone is the ancestral home of the elves. The old line of royalty still lives within the safe walls of its capital, Maressea located within the large lake at the center of the woods. Whilst many other races have come to live on this continent it still is the center of learned, mysticism and culture.

    The High Road

    Gunula mountainous ranges have been a safe haven to the dwarven people for many Ages. For as long as anyone can remember their great city Unzam has spilled wealth and precious jewels in trade down to the human city Tastow making it the largest and richest city in Liene apart from the great capital Telos. The dwarven lord still drinks heartily and offers praise to the God Torag for providing so bountifully for his kind.

    The most notable feature of this continent is the High Road. No one knows where the road came from. There are only rumors speculating it must have been a gift from one of the Gods, commonly it was from Gozreh but few still whisper it as Ragadahn the Water Lord. Whatever the case the High Road runs from the shores of Gunula right to the heart of the Jewel. Along the way a few have set up rest stops which are said to be stopping grounds of the pirates.

    Ariel view of Atles

    Atles is mainly comprised of lush, fruitful farming lands and is heavily relied upon for all the nations to provide food. The dominate feature of the this continent is the many man-made rivers and lakes stretching its length to be able to fully cultivate the fertile soils. At the heart of the Rivers junctions is the city of Fyhill, which serves as the wolds largest melting pot of races, especially Halfings and a marketplace like none other. Anything you need you can find it within Fyhill. It is also said to home of the black-market and thieves guild although despite many attempts the Shield can never fully confirm this rumor.

    Capital City: Unknown City

    The last of the continents is Tirell. Not much was known about this place until the 5th Age of Peace saw the first visitors being able allowed to step foot on its shores. From the ocean people could see a great town near a lake and wrongly believed it was the heart of the country. In reality the main city lies many leagues inland through a dessert to the mountains where a tough, hardy sort of folk have evolved. The were supplies with water from the snow capped peaks which surrounds their homes but the sand forced them to become mighty warriors. Some of the most bloody battles in history were fought by these people.

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