History of Liene

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    History of Liene

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    The beginnings of the recorded history tell tales of a darkness which wondered the world outside Liene. It spread its tendrils across each of the races, taking a heavy toll on not only their numbers but on their minds. War was common place before the 1st Age, the oceans did nothing to hold back the tide of blood lust. Little happened during this time, historians now call it the Time of Sleep, when no progress was made whether it be technological, cultural, spiritual of otherwise that was not dedicated to the act of war.

    That was Thendrin was born. No one can say for sure how a simple human rose to such power or how he managed to overcome the darkness which held sway over the hearts of the men he commanded. All that is known was he was a devote follower of Arqueros and tried to emulate his word by carrying a long spear and a heavy shield. Over time he was able to convince the other races that war need not be the only choice.

    And thus began the 1st Age of Peace.

    Time passed slowly and the world started to move on, occasionally it stumbled and fell to its knees but each time a brave leader rose up and helped it stand once more. During the 4th Age it was proposed by the Elven Lord Tyrial and agree by the other leaders that travel beyond the five kingdoms was to be forever forbidden as it always seemed to draw the darkness back into their lives. In the 6th Age this law was revoked all who dared travel beyond the kingdoms from this point on were rumored to never have returned.

    Liene is currently in the 8th Age of Peace.

    It was Artis’ grandfather who is credited for bringing about the unification of the five kingdoms though by the time it really took effect he had long been buried. He was a skilled diplomat and the first to propose such an outlandish idea to the other races, he spent his life dedicated to the cause it was because of his memory that a Human King and the Capital of Telos, the landmass known previously as Zundrall remanded to the Jewel of Liene. His son Boridin also followed his cause and married a Dwarf, Frarin and had an Elven adviser, Enlol to show his resolve to following through with the cause his father had lain down before him. It was Boridin following the advice of Enlol who split each of the remaining kingdoms into four parts and appointed a Guardian for each. It was their job to care, defend and provide for the people. Artis came next and took the next step establishing the Council of Twelve. At any given time an appointed Voice from each of the Guardian was to be within Telos to speak of their behalf. Twelve of these Voices would be chosen at random to advice the Kind and help him make decisions on behalf of the whole world.

    Thus unity in Liene is preserved.
    And so the story continues....

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